Preinsulated Carbon Steel Pipes

The preinsulated pipe system is made up of steel carrier pipe, 100% CFC free polyurethane insulation foam and seamless solid wall HDPE jacket. Steel carrier pipe may vary according to project specification; from ERW (Electric resistance welded), SAW (Submerged arc welded) or Seamless pipes with wall thickness from Std, Sch 40, XS.

The insulation is made of 100% CFC free polyurethane foam. The required amount of foaming mixture, usually 25% over packed, is injected into the cavity between the steel core and the casing pipe via the injection hole in the metal end caps at the top of the pipe assembly. Air vent plugs are fitted on the metal end caps to dispense the air entrapped.

Factory applied end seals are provided at each exposed end of the insulation to prevent moisture ingress while storing, transportation and field handling.

Insulation physical properties
  • Thermal conductivity: In the range of 0.0230 to 0.0280 W/mK
  • Core density: 48 to 90 kg/m3 or as per customer requirement
  • Thickness: recommended 50mm or as per customer requirement
  • Compressive strength: 300 KPa (minimum)
  • Blowing agent: Water based, 141b, solstice (EN253 certification)
Casing HDPE jacket properties
  • The outer casing or protective jacket shall be HDPE pipe, black, UV - resistant, having a minimum density of 950 kg/m3
  • Outer casing diameter/wall thickness: As per EN253