Stress Analysis

EPPI assists their customers in performing the stress analysis and hydraulic modeling with the latest software and expertise as per the requirement.

Blasting & Epoxy coating

EPPI is equipped with blasting and coating facilities that prepare the surface of carbon steel pipes and fittings as per customer requirements.

Coating process is done by airless spray application at high pressure utilizing a range of coating systems to suit diverse requirements of the product. The process is applicable to all blasted surfaces of the steel core.

Steel Fabrication

EPPI is equipped with a steel fabrication shop where steel fabrication and welding of steel components of the product are performed by qualified welders. Authorized independent laboratory prequalifies and certifies Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), Welding Performance Qualification (WPQ) of our welders or welding operators.

All factory welded steel joints undergoes applicable nondestructive testing (100%) by an independent third party. Namely RT, UT, MPI and LPI to assure the integrity of the fusion joints.

Onsite support

EPPI team is committed to assist its customers in site works including but not limited to training for field joint insulation and wiring connections of leak detection monitoring system. Apart from just training, the EPPI team itself can also perform the required onsite job by deploying its manpower which may include field joints insulation, LDS wiring connections and LDS unit commissioning.